Steel City Sound is an online archive of the Wollongong (NSW, Australia) music scene. The recordings, video footage, flyers, zines, press-clippings and memories you find here all culminate in our city's rich and diverse musical culture. Material posted on Steel City Sound is done so in accordance with section 40 of the Copyright Act 1968.

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  1. Hi guys,
    stumbled onto this site by chance. Have not lived in the old 'Gong' for many years, but I grew up in Wollongong. Have visited the city first time in 5 years back in may 2014. Could not help but notice the shabby building that once was Wollongong Leagues Club. Just appalling condition and awaiting demolition? Can't help but remember seeing the Ramones there circa 1980, also New Race circa 1981. All memories etched on my brain.

    Anton, Perth WA.

  2. Hi team, have just purchased a copy of 'good times' the Alberts Records Story. There is a Wollongong band called The Imagination, circa 1969 doing a Bob Dylan cover called 'Tonight I'll be staying with you', does anybody know anything about this band? Anton, Perth WA, formerly of Wollongong.

  3. Hey Anton - yeah, Imagination spun off from The Marksmen.

  4. Has anyone got any details about an outdoor music concert held at Panorama Oval (now Shane Lee Oval) Oak Flats in the late 1970s early 80s?