Thursday, December 17, 2015

Steel City Sleepin'

Steel City Sound is dormant. Not dead - 'cos who knows what lies around the corner. 

What started out as a way to explore my local musical history 5 years ago, became bigger than anything I could have imagined and culminated in a 3 month exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery. I cannot thank the Gallery enough for allowing me to put 'curator' on my CV. And to everyone who supported and attended the exhibition - thank you.

It's become clear though, that this here blog ain't doing much. Any local music history still gets promoted and discussed over at our Facebook page, and I encourage you to come and join the community.

My current focus however is on Helter Smelter - an arts/music/community guide - also over at Facebook, and booking Jane's - a neat little bar in Nth Gong. Come and say 'hi', have a drink, and hit me up if your band wants a gig.

Rock on, Wollongong.

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