Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Update

As it's been over seven months since any action took place here, I figured it only fair to provide everyone with an update. Truth is, 2012 was a difficult year for me personally. As was 2011 for that matter. Couple this with some uneccesarily political and, quite frankly, divisive actions by a select few people within the scene, the task of maintaining Steel City Sound became paralysing and the project unfortunately slipped into an unplanned hiatus. Throughout this time I have continued to receive words of encouragement and support from people from all over the world who have a connection to our city and the music it creates. The feedback I have recieved from events such as the Unscene Festival last year, which we worked on in partnership with Helter Smelter, and more recently the Nineties World gig featuring a mix of old and new Gong-based talent, reminds me of why Steel City Sound is so important. Documenting and archiving the sound of our city provides more than just a novel nostalgic trip for those that have since "grown up" and moved on. It paints the story of Wollongong and our surrounds. It celebrates the creative spirit that the region cultivates and aims to ensure that the product of that spirit is preserved for future generations.

During the unexpected time off I  discovered that I am surrounded by an amazingly creative and supportive bunch of people. I now know that, whilst I may be the founder of this project, I am not in it alone. The negative comments and destructive behaviour of the minority do not reflect the broader publics appreciation of Steel City Sound. And as such I am ready to move forward.

I have some big ideas for the project over the next little while, and hopefully you'll start to see some changes soon. If you're on Facebook, be sure to 'Like' us as I intend on using that page as an extension for what's going on here. 

Finally, we are currently in negotiations for a major event to occur a little further down the line. I am not at liberty to announce anything as yet, but rest assured, this is going to be big. And we're going to need you to help. After all, Steel City Sound is nothing without the collective memories of the many good people who visit this site regularly. 

Hope to see you a local gig soon.

- Waz

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