Saturday, August 18, 2012

Signed Proton Energy Pills shirt: auction/fundraiser

In June 2012 Steel City Sound curated an exhibition of Wollongong's musical history, in conjunction with Helter Smelter  as part of the inaugural Unscene festival. One of the items on display was this t-shirt, kindly donated by former Proton Energy Pills guitarist Stew 'Leadfinger' Cunningham.

To help cover our costs of the exhibition Stew has allowed us to auction the shirt off.

This is an orginal, medium-sized t-shirt, designed by second guitarist Lenny Curley. I am told that until June this year, the shirt has sat at the bottom of Stew's cupboard for 20-odd years. It has only recently been signed by all Proton members (Stew, Lenny, Jay, Richie & Dave) and has the original 'Waterfront' label still attached. There is slight discolouration in some spots.

Members of the Protons went on to form a number of bands, including Tumbleweed, Leadfinger, Richie & The Creeps, The Pink Fits, Asteroid B612, Brother Brick, etc....

All money raised will be distributed evenly amonsgt the Steel City Sound & Helter Smelter teams.

Head over to ebay and place a bid to own a piece of Wollongong history.
Bidding ends @1pm, 28 August 2012.

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