Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harvest (2007-2008)

In 2007 a loose collective of creative types operating from 5 Crown Lane came together to produce a free 'street press' highlighting creative ativities around the region, with a strong focus on the local music scene. Jeb Taylor, Simon Dalla Pozza, Alby Fares, Nat Sullivan and Josh Smith launched issue #1 in July 2007, featuring the indominatable Stew Cunningham on the cover with his new-look Leadfinger

Print runs remained minimal (500) as the entire process - from editorial, design, printing, collating and distribution - relied on the voluntary efforts of the collective and other random souls. As people at the space came and went, continuation of the zine became unsustainable. The last issue was released in February 2008. 

Thanks to Jeb Taylor, Simon Dalla Pozza and Stew Cunningham, here are the full eight issues in colourful pdf. format for your downloading pleasure. 

Issue #1: July 2007 (.pdf)
Leadfinger, Main St. Studios + more

Issue #2: August 2007 (.pdf)
Free Agent Crew, Dead Letter Circus + more

Issue #3: September 2007 (.pdf)
Sound 4 Justice Festival, Ventilate compilation + more

Issue #4: October 2007 (.pdf)
The Nice Folk, Army Ant, Uni Band Comp., Muph & Plutonic + more

Issue #5: November 2007 (.pdf)
Machine Translations, Donny's Rock Wiz, Grinderman, The Meteors + more

Issue #6: December 2007 (.pdf)
Celibate Rifles, Pettibone + Life Adjustment Disorder, + more

Issue #7: January 2008 (.pdf)
2007 in review, Merrigong, local punk feature, The VeeBees, Vanilla Ice + more

Issue #8: February 2008 (.pdf)
Best Friend Ever, Liam Finn, local punk + more

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