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Gong Beat (1969-2011)

Much like Zondrae King's Zeen column which ran in The South Coast Times in the mid-sixties, The Illawarra Mercury's Gong Beat also focused on the local live scene. The column went through numerous changes over the years, including a shortening of it's name to Beat, and expanding to an 8-page lift-out featuring a comprehensive gig guide, CD reviews, local and visiting artist features, and articles on the local scene generally. Unfortunately Beat was replaced with a new lifestyle section in late 2011.

Below are the columns in their early incarnation in jpg format. I'll continue adding scans as I find them.

Columnist: Sharyn Kennedy
06 June 1969 (jpg)
Elizabeth Reed, The Cleves, The Flying Circus, Rev. Black & The Rockin' Vicars, Respect, Oliver's, Wonderland

13 June 1969 (jpg)
Masters Apprentices, The Flying Circus, The Cleves, Tamam Shud

20 June 1969 (jpg)
Tin Pan Alley, Hoadley's National Battle of the Sounds

27 June 1969 (jpg)
Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds, Tin Pan Alley, Earl's Court, Fantasy, Dave Miller Set

04 July 1969 (jpg)
Earl's Court, Oliver's, The Executives

11 July 1969 (jpg)
The Executives, Apple Candy Dance, Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds

Columnist: Janine Myler
02 January 1970 (jpg)
Oliver's, Turkish Green Electric Blues Band, Jeff St John, Tin Pan Alley

09 January 1970 (jpg)
Turkish Green Electric Blues Band, King Fox, Tamam Shud

16 January 1970 (jpg)
A Fluid Journey, Jeff St John & Copperwine, Hokum Jugg, The Executives

23 January 1970 (jpg)
Jeff St John, The Executives, Tamam Shud, Plastic Tears, Autumn, Easybeats

30 January 1970 (jpg)
Dave Miller Set, Jeff St John, Plastic Tears, Ourimbah Pop Festival

06 February 1970 (jpg)
The Executives, Hokum Jugg, Flake, Turkish Green Electric Blues Band, New Maple Lace, Jeff St John

13 February 1970 (jpg)
Tamam Shud, The Nightwalkers, Rosewood Park, Turkish Green, The Affair

20 February 1970 (jpg)
Tin Pan Alley, Plastic Tears, Tamam Shud, The Affair, Hokum Jugg

27 February 1970 (jpg)
Protest dance at Capitol Hall, The Birth, The La De Da's, Turkish Green, Piggy Bank

06 March 1970 (jpg)
Festival of Rock, Elm Tree, Lotus, Hokum Jugg

20 March 1970 (jpg)
Oliver's, Mecca, Savage Rose, Whistler's Rose, Scoop

03 April 1970 (jpg)
The La De Da's, Festival of Rock, Hokum Jugg

10 April 1970 (jpg)
The La De Da's, Fantasy, Clique, Jeff St John

17 April 1970 (jpg)
Paul Mason, Fantasy, Prussian Blue, Mandala, The Prestons, Caeser's

24 April 1970 (jpg)
The Beach Boys, Paul Mason, Autumn, Heart n' Soul

01 May 1970 (jpg)
Jeff St John & Copperwine, Tully, King BiscuitThe Beach Boys

08 May 1970 (jpg)
Moratorium Concert, La-De-Da's, RJ Taylor, Earl's Court

22 May 1970 (jpg)
Heart n' Soul, Earl's Court, The Premiers, The Concept, Capitol Hall, The Complex

29 May 1970 (jpg)
National radio ban, Floppy Poppy Disco, Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds, Poridien,

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