Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arrosa (1996-1998)

First forming in Kiama in the mid-nineties to ease after-school boredom, Arrosa was made up of Adam Cole (guitar/vocals), Andria Prudente (guitar/vocals), Daniel O'Connor (drums) and Fiona McCartney Hood (bass).

Despite developing some original material and playing a few local shows, Arrosa struggled to find a receptive audience to their dreamy version of pop due to the Gong being in the midst of a grunge glut.

In 1997 the band relocated to Melbourne and soon hooked up with Infectious Records, who at the time, were riding on Paradise Motels' success.

Arrosa shared a similar sound to Paradise Motel, using gentle guitar that wafted on the breeze, and dreamy male and female vocals with sultry undertones. Infectious sent the band into the studio to record two singles: 'Womb' and 'Stickgirl', both of which were recorded by Charles Bickford of Paradise Motel.

The band went onto support Yo La Tengo, and gained a spot on ABC's Recovery program, before recording their debut album with Miranda Sussex (also of Paradise Motel).

Unfortunately, and seemingly with little warning, Arrosa broke-up prior to the albums' release leaving Infectious with no way to promote it. Thus the album was shelved where it remains to this day.

Cole went on to form the similar-sounding Kali before finding some success with Pollen Choir. Prudente formed A Slow Loris as well as joining Boo Who alongside McCartney-Hood, while O'Connor went on to explore electronic forms of music.

1998: 'Womb' (single) (download)
1998: 'Stickgirl' (single) (download)
1998: Unreleased album (download)


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