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Independent Music Monthly (1993-1996)

IMM, Issue #2, Jan. 1994
Birthed in late 1993 by Kim Waters, The Independent Music Monthly (IMM) was a DIY-styled street press that evolved into a tabloid, then a glossy, and then devolved back again, until it's eventual demise in 1996. The premise was simple: fill the cultural void with a free music/arts publication, complete with a gig guide that focused on original and independent music, as well as interviews from local and visiting acts.

In April '96 IMM changed it's name to Zonk before folding shortly thereafter.

Despite once being in possession of many issues, my poor storage practices coupled with one too many relocations has resulted in damage to and/or loss of them all. Thus I must thank all (Jeb Taylor, Brent Williams, Stephen Gooding, Ian Gostelow, Karl Weber, Pete Conran and an anonymous donor) who have kindly provided me with copies for the benefit of the greater good. I will post more issues as they become available.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in my youth are not necessarily the views I hold now.

All files are in .pdf format

Issue 1, December 1994: (.pdf)
Introductory issue: Gig guide + bits n' pieces

Issue 2, January 1994: (.pdf)
Tumbleweed, Big Day Out, The Indigenous People's Conference + more

Issue 3, February 1994: (.pdf)
Jane Sibery, Whose Muddy Shoes, Zambian Goat Herders, Fulltab + more

Issue 4, March 1994: (.pdf)
Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, Swamii Tom, Doing it Locally, ALL + more

Issue 5, April 1994: (.pdf)
Womangong Press, The Kindred, Merry Widows, Dinky Crash + more

Issue 6, May 1994 (.pdf)
Worm, Earthpoets, Steve Robbo, Hairy Beanstalk, Ausmusic Gong CD, + local comments following the death of Kurt Cobain

Issue 7, June 1994 (.pdf)
Gravel & Friends, Skunkhour, Underground Lovers, Dawn Patrol, World Environment Day + more

Issue 8, July 1994 (.pdf)
Wollongong Youth Centre, Nodscene, Steve Robbo, Jim Rose Circus, Armoured Angel, Illabic, high school drug bust + more

Issue 9, August 1994 (.pdf)
Zambian Goatherders, Fresh Tracks, Nitocris, Troy Horse, Bad Trip Lollipop + more

Issue 10, September 1994: (.pdf)
Mudlungs, Budd, Trashed Out Cats, Funky Femmes, Ecological Toilet + more

Issue 11, October 1994 (.pdf)
Beastie Boys, Evol, Throbbing Aprils, Rather Raw Knots, Oxford Tavern, Wollongong Hip Hop + more

Issue 12, November 1994 - Bumper Birthday Issue (.pdf)
Rock Against Apocalypse, Tumbleweed, Superchunk, Trout Fishing in Quebec, Slobplant, Blues feature, WIRED + more

Issue 13, December 1994 - Hemp Issue (.pdf)
Silverchair, Man Bites Dog, Cannabis features + more

Issue 14, January 1995 (.pdf)
Prick Harness, Big Day Out, Generation X feature + more

Issue 15, February 1995 (.pdf)
Meanies, Dave Curley + more

Issue 16: March 1995 (.pdf)
Socketwood, Merry Widows + more

Issue 17: April 1995: (.pdf)
Condoscream, TISM + more

Issue 18, May 1995: (.pdf)
You Am I, Meanies, Pearl Jam, All + more

Issue 19, June 1995: (.pdf)
World Environment Day, Disneyfist, Michael Hornburg, Candlebox, Richard Claremont, Judy Bourke + more

Issue 20, July 1995: (.pdf)
Deadly Issue: Christina Anu, Blackfire, NAIDOC Week, Koori Time, Three, Lis Johnson + more

Issue 21, August 1995 (.pdf)
Puffalufica, Bjork, DJ Miko, Lee Marrow, Meshuggah, Bainmaries, Paul Ryan + more

Issue 22, September 1995 (.pdf)
Mudlungs, Slobplant, Shifter, Evol, Channel Zero, Fudge Undies, Dettol, council elections

Issue 24, November 1995 (.pdf)
Rollins Band, Midget, Dettol, Schleprock + more

Issue 25, December 1995: (.pdf)
Pennywise, Throbbing Aprils, Evol + more

Issue 28, March 1996 (.pdf)
Dead Moon, Ammonia, Frenzal Rhomb, The Kindred + more

April 1996 (.pdf)
Feedtime, Black Hole Recordings, + more

June 1996 (.pdf)
Paradise Motel, Blink 182, Paramaecium, Frenzal Rhomb + more

July 1996 (.pdf)
Silverchair, Nitocris, Evol, Hardware, Bluebottle Kiss, Tweezer, Glide, Moler, The Fauves + more


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  2. Looking forward to posting more when they arrive (hint, hint)

  3. I've got some issues you don't have here. Do you want me to scan them for you?

  4. modtang... you can either scan them in and email me at, or i can collect and return. cheers :)