Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zeen (1966-1967)

From 1964, The South Coast Times published a weekly 'Young Times' feature which looked at youth culture in the region. Music and fashion made up the bulk of the feature, along with youth achievements in sport, ballroom dancing and other such activities. There was also a strong focus on the various youth 'sets' (groups or clubs usually associated with a church, charity or political party), but the main interest for Steel City Sound is Zeen - a column run by Zondrae King for approximately 12 months.

Though brief in form and existence, Zeen provides an interesting insight to the local music scene at the time, not to mention the gas lingo. The column disappeared in mid-1967, coinciding with the breakdown of the relationship between Zondrae and her mother/business partner.

I've compiled most of these columns into one .pdf file for posterity's sake.

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