Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preacher (1990-1994 & 2007-current)

Perhaps Wollongong's longest-surviving bands (notwithstanding a lengthy hiatus), Preacher are balls-to-the-wall metal like it was supposed to be: loud, rude, and tattooed.

First forming in 1990 by Dale Leffley (guitar) and Dean Jones (vocals) after the dissolution of their previous band, Shattered, Preacher called upon Darren Chamberlian (guitar), Lincoln Harlen (drums) and Dave McDonnell (bass) to complete the outfit.

The band scored regular gigs at the North Gong and got some support slots in Sydney alongside KISS tribute-band Dynasty as well as V. Spy V. Spy. 

In 1994 Preacher called it a day to enable members to focus on other musical pursuits and domesticity. However, the beast was awoken in 2007 when they took the stage again in support of the legendary Mortal Sin. Replacing McDonnell on bass was Rob Giles (Nekrofeist), who continues to help out his mates until permanent replacement can be found.

Despite their longevity, Preacher are yet to enter the studio and offer up a recording. An oversight the band intend on remedying soon.

1 comment:

  1. PREACHER by far are the best METAL act in Wollongong.
    They have never claimed to be anything but themselves and always look like they're having fun while they do what they do PLAY METAL!
    I just saw them at Metal For The Gong @ Diceys and they went off!!!
    They need to do more gigs...We need more METAL and more Preacher